Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Local Shopping Rewards Video

Here's a great sales plan with the Flip camera: we already have recruited Account Executives and Brandbuilders. They go out to retail stores with a tripid and a Flip (video) camera. Its the size of an iPod but it shoots hi-def video. They hand the store owner a DVD about our new Video eCommerce TV show and how we'd like to include them in it to talk about the benefits and rewards of shopping locally.

"May I shoot a thirty second sound byte about why you love your business?" If they say "no," you can say something like "Okay, no problem I'll be interviewing other store owners here tomorrow. Please watch this DVD and I'll come back tomorrow and I'm sure you'll want me to interview you after you watch the DVD." They watch the DVD and now know who you are and why they may want to be part of this Think local, shop local, save local and search local campaign. The rep shoots the video by asking something like "What are you doing?" Its as easy as Twitter on video.

The Flip camera is $129 or $239 for high-def and has the easiest to use software and instantly uploads to YouTube and other streaming video sites. The rep emails the video to the store owner: "See you were great" Now for only $200 to $300 per month we will 1) Create an On-Demand coupon website for you and 2) do all the hard work for you to distribute and publicize your coupon offer and your video testimonial. 3) We will do the Search Engine localization so locals will find your offer when they search online 4) We will promote Local Shopping Rewards on TV in your town and even feature your own coupon on TV. 5) This is done as a co-op venture and our goal is that our half-hour TV show featuring your coupon airs a minimum of 100 times every month. 6) You receive our ongoing video coaching about "market expansion" opportunities for your

Note: If you are thinking of becoming a Brandbuilder and creating your own sales team, it's simple to recruit and train them. Take them with you as an "associate producer" so they watch you approach and shoot the store owner. Now you are making two sales at once 1) You are pitching the store owner and 2) you are pitching the new rep. to come and work with you so they can develop their own book of business (which you will override).

Cool note: Since the Flip camera is actually a card drive complete with "very simple editing capability" here is what I'll do for you. If you buy the Flip camera from me, it comes with TV newscaster video opens and closes pre-installed. After you shoot the store owner, simply drag his video clip in between the TV newscaster open intro - and the newscaster close. Then email THAT news video back to the store owner and he will love you forever and do what you suggest because he will see you as a miracle worker and that you have his best interest at heart. Check out for more information.